10 healthy, filling snacks under 150 calories

Let’s face it. No matter how hearty your breakfast was or how stuffed you feel after lunch, that peckish feeling always seems to creep back up. Unfortunately, this isn’t the best news for your waistline. And if you try to resist, your mood can take a serious hit.

On the upside, what you can do is swap chips, chocolate and hidden calories for healthy snacks that your body, your taste buds and your mood will love. And the best news is, they’re all under 150 calories!

Feeling ravenous just reading about it? Here’s, 10 healthy, delicious, diet-approved snacks that will actually fill you up.

  • screen-shot-2017-05-16-at-3-07-27-pmOne TBSP of sugar-free peanut or almond butter on a thick rice cake. Or, smooth it over a pair of wheat crispbreads for extra crunch
  • 2 TBSP hummus with a handful of fresh veggie sticks. Perfect as a post-lunch pick-me-up
  • 2 TBSP natural yoghurt topped with fresh berries. This one makes a fabulous dessert for when those late-night sugar cravings kick in
  • A small apple, accompanied by a handful of raw or roasted almonds
  • Three mini falafel balls with a side of chopped tomatoes, cucumber and red onion. Mediterranean magic!
  • I cup of fresh strawberries, dipped in 1 TBSP melted semi-sweet choc chips. Sexy, and scrumptious!
  • screen-shot-2017-05-16-at-3-14-01-pm45 pistachios, it’s as simple as that. They taste divine, and the whole shelling process slows you down which means you savour every nut, and fill up faster
  • 1 sliced apple topped with 1 TBSP nut butter. Simple, but surprisingly filling
  • ¼ cup guacamole, and a side of veggie sticks. Pre-make a tub of guac and store in the fridge for an easy snack, at any time of the day
  • Rather than load up on the rice calories that come with sushi, try tearing up a nori seaweed sheet and mixing it into 85 grams of low-fat tuna or salmon
  • 1 cup sugar snap peas with 3 TBSP hummus. This snack is SO fresh and is ideal for relieving afternoon stress
  • screen-shot-2017-05-16-at-3-16-06-pmUp to 4 cups of plain popcorn. Yes, without lashings of butter and salt, popcorn is actually surprisingly healthy. DIY at home, then pack up bags for easy on-the-go snacks
  • ¼ cup low sugar granola or muesli, topped with unsweetened almond milk
  • A pair of whole-grain crackers topped with 1 TBSP cottage cheese
  • A packed of veg chips is the perfect way to quash salt cravings, without resorting to oily potato chips. Pick up packets from the supermarket if you’re worried about portion control, or try baking your own
  • A scoop of healthy homemade ice cream. Simply blend natural yoghurt with fruit, then freeze and store in a tub for a delicious weekend snack

Looking for an excuse to snack? Rather than resist, take a look at these bona fide benefits that go hand in hand with healthy snacking.

  • Keeping blood sugar levels stable
  • Managing hunger-induced mood swings (aka getting ‘hangry’)
  • Avoiding overeating at main meals
  • Increasing daily nutrient intake
  • Pure enjoyment

Do you have a favourite go-to snack that never fails to hit the spot?