10 reasons why being a grandparent is the best

The bond between a grandparent and their grandchildren is incredibly special. In fact, it’s so special we’ve started making a list of why it’s great to be a grandparent!

10 Reasons Why Being A Grandparent Is the Best

1. None of The Boring Stuff: You get to do the fun stuff such as going to the movies, picnics and playing games without all normal boring tasks that a parent must do, such as getting them to bed and getting them dressed.

2. You Are the Greatest: Kids believe that their grandparents are the best! In their eyes, you give the best treats, tell the best stories and love them the most.

3.Can Leave When You Want: You are under no obligation to stay or be responsible for the children. Feel like having an early night? Send them back home!

4. Spoiling Time: You can give the kids sweet treats such as lollies, ice cream and soft drinks, then send them home. No hyped-up kids for you to deal with!

5. Have Plenty of Time: You have more time to do things with your grandkids than you did with your own kids. Everything can go at a slower pace and be more in-depth.

6. Everything Can Be an Adventure: Daily household activities can be exciting for young kids to do such as helping nana cook, gardening with granddad and even vacuuming. Make the most of it! It’s a lot easier for grandkids to enjoy it then it would have been for your own kids to it.

7. Wisdom: Grandparents have been there and done that, so they are in a position of strength of knowing the ins and outs of raising children. This means your worry levels may be much lower than their parents!

8. Can Give Awesome Presents: Grandparents are often able to buy presents that the parents normally wouldn’t buy for their children. This is because you may have more disposable income in general than their parents do.

9. Best Stories: Grandkids look up to their grandparents, so any story from their past will sound so interesting and amazing to the kids. It’s time to bring out that photo album!

10. No Power Struggles: You don’t need to fight with the kids to get them to go to bed or have a bath. Instead you can be the good guy, letting them stay up late and forgoing the bath altogether!

What do you enjoy most about being a grandparent? Let us know in the comments below and see if we can add to our list of why being a grandparent is the best!