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Getting on board with Uber

Uber is one of those technologies that I just can’t imagine living without again. It is kind of like PayWave. It’s just so simple and easy and replaces a clunky dinosaur that wastes time. It’s made life so simple when it comes to getting from A to B and taking my car is not an option. I also love that it works in most places I’ve visited on overseas holidays, too.

Uber has been in the country now for coming up on 4 years, and is available in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. It’s the app that connects drivers and riders instantly, so you’re linked with a close driver for your trip into town, to the airport, home… wherever! Being able to track the driver to pick you up and then, once you’re in the car, track you to your destination makes it easily traceable, and because it’s linked to automatic debits to your credit card, there’s no need to worry about cash or transactions at the end of the trip.

Is it safe?

Friends of mine were a little concerned when I talked about my new found love of Uber and I tried to convince them to sign up. After downloading the app, it asks for credit card details – because that’s how the system works, as a direct debit after trips. My friends were very hesitant, after all, we’re told not just to give away our credit card details online to things we don’t trust. However, with millions of riders all over the world, Uber really is a company that you can trust these details with. Your details are stored securely and Uber goes to great lengths to ensure customer privacy.

Are Ubers really cheaper than a taxi?

For the most part, yes. The service is generally cheaper than grabbing a taxi. Fares are only more expensive when there is a “surge” – a time when Ubers are more in demand, and fares can rise significantly. Thankfully, you’re always shown the surge multiplier before agreeing to your trip. Don’t be caught out like this unlucky lady who failed to notice a 3.7x surge and got stung $119.25 for a $32.23 trip! Also be aware that there is a $10 cancellation fee if you decide you don’t want a ride, as well as a fee of 55c per minute if you leave your Uber driver waiting longer than 2 minutes.

Uber driving can also be a nice little earner

Uber can also be a great way to make some extra money. It’s perfect for people at retirement age who still want to (or need to) work, especially if you’re the sociable sort. That’s why taxi driving has been popular with the over 55 set for so long. You see your city, make some extra money, and get to chat to all sorts of different people throughout the course of your work! Do be aware that there are a range of requirements that need to be followed if you want to sign up as an Uber driver.