Joke: A miscalculation

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workJane is delighted one day to look at her banking details and see an extra $300 in her account.

Looking closely at her statement, she realises her salary has been overpaid by $300, and she decides to keep quiet and take advantage of the situation.

Next payday, she checks her account – hoping for another $300 extra.

She is horrified to see that she was paid $300 less than usual.

The very next morning she goes straight her boss’ door and loudly knocks.

Her boss opens the door, and says, “I think you’ve made a mistake! I’ve been underpaid $300!”

“So?” her boss says.

“So I want to be paid correctly!” Jane exclaims.

Her boss pauses, “Well last month I overpaid you $300 and you didn’t complain, what’s the problem now?”

Thinking quickly on her feet, Jane says, “Well, the way I see it, I can understand making a mistake once, but making a mistake twice? That’s becoming a habit. I have to put my foot down there!”