Fun Easter games for kids

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Easter is a wonderful holiday, especially for children. Family and friends have a great excuse to get together, and there’s great food and games. The games are key, as Easter is a time of the year that children really look forward to. After all, every year they expect the Easter Bunny to hide eggs, baskets, and/or treats, that they can then go and find.

So with such high expectations, what can we do to keep the kids happy and entertained? Why, games of course! Here is a list of some of the best Easter day games, guaranteed to meet both kids and parents expectations for a wonderful Easter.

The Egg Hunt

As already mentioned above, one of the most anticipated games of Easter is the Egg Hunt. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you have a small home or the weather isn’t cooperating for you to hide the eggs outside. An egg hunt doesn’t actually need a lot of space to still be fun. All you really need is creativity, and a half hour to an hour to play the game.

Just remember when you’re hiding eggs: don’t make the game to difficult! Hide them in easy to reach places, such as under bed or couch pillows, or behind the stuffed animals in a child’s room. This is a great hiding place because these soft toys are safe for children to be around, as stuffed lions, teddy bears, and other plush animals don’t have sharp corners or require kids to climb to get to them. The inside of shoes can also be a really fun hiding place, just make sure that the shoes you put the eggs in aren’t going to be worn, or you may find yourself with a mess! Remember, it’s very important to hide them in places within a child’s reach, because climbing sets them up for a fall, and safety should always be your foremost concern for children.

Also, just because the game is called an “egg hunt” doesn’t mean you have to just stick with eggs. Hide a stuffed rabbit in the home also, and tell them that the Easter Bunny left them a cousin of his to play with. In fact, you can use many things besides eggs. One really popular idea is hiding an Easter basket or baskets. You can fill the basket with candy (chocolate bunny rabbits, jellybeans, etc) and toys, like another stuffed bunny or a plush duckling. If you’ve got several children, and you want to make sure that they each get a basket, put each child’s name on one basket and tell them that they have to find the one that’s for them. This will most certainly be a great start to your Easter holiday!

Easter crafts

After the excitement and chaos of the Egg Hunt, it’s nice to have an activity for the kids that will wind everyone down, which is where doing Easter crafts come in. This is also great because it doesn’t require as much supervision as the egg hunt, and so is a little break for everyone. All you really need is some paper and crayons and the children can create all sorts of Easter related masterpieces. You can even give them some artistic inspiration by creating a display for them to base their pictures on. The display could have painted eggs, some chicks and a bunny.

Then you can make things as structured or unstructured as you’d like. Let them use their imaginations and draw anything they want about Easter, or tell them what do draw, such as painted eggs with chicks cracking through the shell, or a picture of the Easter bunny hiding eggs. You could even turn this into a contest, with the first prize drawing winning the bunny in the display, the second prize winning the chick, and everyone else getting the eggs as a consolidation prize.

The egg hunt and the arts and craft projects are very traditional Easter games, but you can make them more fun than usual by adding plush chicks and a stuffed bunny to motivate the children even more. Remember, there’s a lot you can do to make your Easter holiday one that all the kids will have fond memories of, just follow some of these simple ideas!

Easter Egg Piñata

Pinatas come in all shapes, sizes, and themes, and luckily that includes themes that are appropriate for Easter! Easter is a big holiday, so your local party goods store is sure to have piñatas that are egg, bunny, duck, or chick shaped. Or if you don’t want to buy one pre-made, you could always make your own into any shape you desire. Once you have your piñata, fill it with Easter candy. This can include candy eggs, jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, or something else holiday themed. Or, if you’re worried this is too much sugar, you could mix in some little Easter stuffed animals, like stuffed chicks, plush baby ducks, or stuffed bunnies.

Before actually having the kids take turns trying to break the piñata, you have to set it up. Remember that you must have it at a safe height, because if the objects inside fall from too high of a height there could be an injury. Also, attach it to something sturdy so the whole structure doesn’t come down, because you don’t want the piñata itself falling down and hitting someone. Just remember these tips and you’ll have a fun, safe way to entertain everyone.

Pin the Chick on the Egg

While we’re all aware of the game pin the tail on the donkey, it pays to remember that there are other holiday variations. Pin the chick on the egg is one of these variations. To create, all you need to do is draw an egg on a piece of cardboard. To make it look nicer, you could paint the egg, or cover it with some tissue paper. Then, tape some tweed on the back of the egg so that you have a small hoop to hang the cardboard with. Or you could use hooks you already have for paintings and frames. Hang it someplace that works for you. Some good places are the inside of a door, like the front door or a basement door. Then all you need is the chicks. Get a few small plush chicks, put tape on their bottoms or beak, and lie them down in a box and you are ready for the game.

Obviously, the game is almost the same as pin the tail on the donkey. Tie a blindfold around the first contestants eyes, a small piece of cloth or a clean dishtowel will often work find, and spin them around until they are disoriented. Then tell them they have to find the egg, and pin the chick to its top. Pinned correctly, and it looks like the chick is coming out of the top of the egg. Let the other kids cheer them on and yell out guidance as they try to pin the chick. This game has the advantage of being easy to play and set up, and can keep the kids entertained for a fair amount of time. For a prize, you could give the little chick to the child who manages to pin it correctly at the top of the egg.

So there you go! These four fun and simple to set up games will keep the children at your Easter gathering happy and entertained. Not only will these activities be fun for everyone to watch, but they will also create memories of a great holiday that these children will remember for years to come. Happy Easter!

By Corina Volegna