Essential Accessories of Moroccan Home Decor

2715 moroccan
2715 moroccan

One of the hottest trends when it comes to interior design of the home is Moroccan home decor. There are many reasons why Moroccan decor is so popular that include the designs, fabrics, beauty of the colors that blend so well together and the fact that this type of decorating can stand the test of time.

In addition to that, Moroccan design can blend well with other types of decor in your home. Whether you have a traditional design or a modern home, you can mix and match – making the design more eclectic when you use the ethnic design of Moroccan home decor.

Moroccan Home decor Accessories

Moroccan Pottery: You will want to use Moroccan pottery in your home decor as it is not only just for adornment, but a big part of Moroccan culture. The pottery is still hand made and you can gets some pieces that are real works of original art. The pottery that is made from natural clay will add color as well as drama to your home and give you art pieces that can be the focal point of any table.

Moroccan Table Tops: You will also find that table tops are very intricate and designed well when it comes to Moroccan accessories. You can see the Mediterranean design in the table tops that are either carved by hand or laid with mosaic patterns that are made of glass or clay. The tables themselves are a focal point and many are a work of art unto themselves.

Moroccan Area Rugs: You really need to have an area rug in a room to make it feel more relaxed and warm. No home is really complete without this, even if you have wall to wall carpeting. But you do not have to be confined to using the Moroccan rugs only on the floor. Because these rugs are woven so artfully, they can also be used to hang on the wall in place of a painting. The rugs are woven and hand tied and make for great wall designs as well as floor designs.

Moroccan Mirrors: Mirrors are one way that you can make a smaller room look larger. You can use Moroccan mirrors that are made from bone or metal filigree frames. Using mirrors as a wall covering instead of paintings is less expensive, although the carved mirrors and those that are henna stained give most art a run for their money. You can add mirrors in any room of the house just as you would a picture or a painting. They look very well when you add sconces next to them to reflect light.

Moroccan Lighting: Do not forget lighting. Many people ignore this aspect of interior design, so do not forget to use lamps, lanterns, sconces and even chandeliers in your Moroccan home decor. The lampshades are often one of a kind and made from animal skin that has been stained and hand painted or tattooed with henna. Get the same type of lighting throughout the house that will be functional as well as offer beauty.

Moroccan Room Dividers: You can use room dividers in many different ways to add drama to your rooms as well as section them for privacy by using screening you can create space and make a room more inviting as well as more functional. For even more dramatic flair, add lanterns from the screens or star lamps. If you have a home office in the main living area of the home, the room dividers are a perfect way to section off this space.

There is so much that you can do when it comes to creating a home that embraces Moroccan home decor. These are just a few ideas. Once you begin adding this Mediterranean design to your home, you will naturally start gravitating towards lighting, rugs, furniture and accessories that have the Moroccan design. Although Moroccan home decor is hardly new, its appeal has managed to stand the test of time.