How to make puppets with your grandchildren

Children (4-8 years) like to play with puppets, because they can enter their own rich world of make believe (and they have rich imagination). Making puppets is a safe and constructive way of encouraging your grandchild to exercise their imagination but it also means getting a bit messy, which kids always love. These puppets will be prepared from a wooden spoon; making this play experience simple and cheap.

You need the following raw materials:

  • wooden spoon
  • cardboard
  • paint
  • paintbrush
  • scissors
  • colourful ribbon
  • glue

And the game can begin!

First of all let your kids choose their favourite animals. For example: dog, cat, lion and so on…

Second step: paint the wooden spoon with the basic colour. You can use brave colours. For example a mouse can be blue, the cat may be pink. The main thing is your child feels the decision freedom and uses their imagination.

Third step: cut ears from the cardboard, embellish these and fix with the glue to the wooden spoon. (Using a hot glue gun can work best as the stick is almost instant for kids to get right back into the fun)

Fourth step: paint face (eyes, nose, mouth, moustache, tooth …) for the animal puppet.

Last step: tie with colourful ribbon the neck of the puppet.

Article by Nikoletta Bocz