Life Of The (Dance) Party

jacobhansenWhy leave all the partying to the young ones? We thought this story was so good it deserved to be reposted.

A Polish couple left clubbers stunned when they turned up and danced until 5am. They had been visiting their daughter in England and read a review in a Polish newspaper before deciding to visit. The underground dance/techno party starts at 10pm every Sunday, so the pair, in their 80s, bought tickets.

The promoter/DJ Jacob Hansen initially thought the couple were lost when he saw them walking down the stairs.

He told the Standard: “I saw her on her crutches going slowly down the stairs. I thought they were lost.”

FabricDespite the couple not speaking much English, they showed their tickets, were admitted and welcomed with a drink. “They had two tequila shots and she gave me a high five.” Mr Hansen found a Polish speaker in the club and ascertained that this wasn’t their first trip to a dance party – they visit them on Saturday nights in Poland sometimes.

He said, “the thing I really, really loved was they had so much humour between them.” They told me they had planned their visit carefully – and told him they were going to take the Tube back to their daughter’s home at 6am.

Mr Hansen told them they could drink for free, and promised them a taxi home whenever they decided to go home, and then took them upstairs to the VIP area. They opted for cups of tea, and spent time dancing, ballroom style, on the balcony.

Later in the evening, he went to check on them, and found the couple in the main crowd, raving to techno. “They wanted to join in the party,” he said. “At 5am they came and said they’d like to leave so we got them a taxi. They were really happy, they loved the crowd, it was really, really great. In ten years of doing this every Sunday it’s the best experience I’ve had – it’s just amazing.”

So there you have it – fun is out there to be had, regardless of, age, language or physical limitations – it’s about being open to any experience!