A Cheap, Chic Christmas

3049 christmas crafts
3049 christmas crafts

Making your own Christmas presents shows you have taken extra thought and care, and gives you a chance to be creative, save a little money and know you’re giving something unique. We’ve come up with some DIY craft projects suitable for all your loved ones.


If it’s for sale at the garden centre, your green-thumbed friend has probably got it, so try these ideas. Add a handmade touch to plain plant pots. Print off single letters to attach to the front of each pot and arrange them so they spell a word, such as HERBS. Or if there is a particular flower or plant your friend likes, write that instead and include seeds for the plant as well to personalise the gift further.

Using flower petals can add a beautiful scent and colour to a gardener’s Christmas gift. Try adding petals to soap, making a petal-filled potpourri bag or pressing some flowers to make neat placemats.


If you’re a dab hand with a sewing machine, handmade aprons are practical and your recipient will think of you every time they cook. Have fun choosing a fabric in their favourite colour or one that will match their kitchen. Click here to learn how to make an apron.

Preserves last a long time and can really make a dish. Try this easy piccalilli recipe, put it in a nice glass jar and add a stylish handmade label.


Anyone who loves clothes can never have too many coat hangers, and colourful, soft hangers will ensure delicate garments are protected and cared for. Simply sew wadding around the coat hanger, cover in a pretty fabric and attach a ribbon bow.

Kids Craft

Kids love making things so why not keep them busy and help them create special Christmas gifts for their teacher, best friend or a family member. Try these beaded dragon flys, which make create Christmas decorations.

All Wrapped Up

Don’t forget to carry the handmade theme through with unique gift wrapping. Try making a gift bag instead of the usual cello-taped package or go for a chic colour theme. It’s the thought that counts and friends will appreciate your innovative thinking this Christmas.