Keep your car performing its best

10435 vehicle performance
10435 vehicle performance

Optimum vehicle performance: of course you want it, but are you keeping an eye on things that could make it a reality for your car? If you are absolute performance fanatic, speak to your mechanic about modifications that you can make to the engine, but otherwise, make sure you have all the basics covered.

Keep Your Car at its Best

Empty your boot

Weight in your car equals resistance. Resistance equals extra energy required. Extra energy equals more petrol consumption, more tyre wear and lower performance. Storing unnecessary items in your car also presents an opportunity for thieves.

Remove all non-essential paraphernalia from your car to lighten its load and increase its efficiency. It is amazing how quickly weight can add up and before you know it, you may have the equivalent of a couple of extra passengers in your boot!

Under pressure

Tyres are your connection with the road. At least twice a year (and before a long journey), check your tyre pressure. If you will be carrying extra equipment than usual, you may need to change the tyre pressure from your everyday inflation rate. Ensure your tyres are rotated annually so that they wear evenly (front and rear tyres will wear differently).

It may make sense to check that the rims your car is fitted with are as lightweight as they can be. Heavy rims may reduce brake and handling efficiency.

Run smoothly

When was the oil last changed? Good quality, clean oil literally ensures your car’s engine moves smoothly – it is worth investing in top quality engine oil and changing it regularly.

Similarly, check that your spark plugs and air filter are in good condition – more fire-power and air in the engine equals greater performance.