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The Growing Popularity of Arts and Crafts for Seniors

As we age, physical limitations might hinder us from enjoying activities that were once part of our lives. Today’s seniors are replacing some of those activities with enjoyable arts and crafts projects that give them a sense of accomplishment while keeping them involved in life.

Many senior citizen centers, craft stores and continuing education groups offer arts and crafts instruction to the older generation. Residents of nursing homes, group homes and assisted living centers are creating arts and crafts projects that are enjoyable while keeping their minds and hands busy. Seniors living alone find creative expressions to be a pleasurable way to pass the time.

As the trend toward arts and crafts for seniors continues to increase, the growth of senior citizen fairs is becoming more popular. Many people have the opportunity to sell their creations and supplement their income.

Popular Arts and Crafts for Senior Citizens

Working with polymer clay, one-stroke painting and mosaics are only a few of the many kinds of arts and craft projects seniors enjoy.

Polymer Clay

Projects that involve working with polymer clay are a wonderful choice for seniors who suffer from limited dexterity in their fingers or hands. As they work and soften the pliable clay, they are also exercising their hands and fingers while creating useful or decorative objects including:




Holders for pens and pencils



One-Stroke Painting

Many seniors are discovering the relaxing and creative hobby of one-stroke painting. With a few simple techniques, it is easy to create beautiful flowers, unique design, butterflies and birds. One-stroke painting is simple to learn by following the illustrated instruction books by artist Donna Dewberry.


Creating a mosaic surface is a craft project enjoyed by many senior citizens. This project can be easily modified by using different-sized pieces in the mosaic pattern, depending upon dexterity and eyesight of the crafter. The mosaic pieces can be preformed into a design before being laid onto the surface or they can be placed on the surface as you go along with no particular design in mind. Mosaic pieces that seniors enjoy making often include:


Picture frames

Mirror frames

Small tabletops


Garden stepping stones

More Arts and Crafts Projects and Resources for Seniors

Photography is a wonderful art for seniors. Taking pictures of everything from people to flowers provides ready resource material for other crafts, too. Use the pictures to make collages, specialized stationary or begin scrapbooking.

Seniors that love sewing and have difficulty with a small needle and thread may enjoy working with plastic canvass or string large beads for necklaces and bracelets.

Create a lacey pincushion or custom stationary with step-by-step instructions from craft expert Victoria Crayne from HGTV. These crafts are designed especially for seniors that are new to crafting.

A few other great arts and craft ideas for senior citizens include:


Faux stained glass

Container gardening


Courtesy of Senior Love to Know