A thousand shades of grey: 5 ways to rock silver hued hair

It can be hard to let go of those golden blonde locks or rich chestnut tresses that you had in your thirties. While colouring your hair is a popular solution, there’s also something to be said for the natural look. While grey often goes hand in hand with a bit of a stigma, this year we want to turn the tables. Not only can grey hair be elegant and beautiful, but some women admit that embracing silver locks can be life-changing.

Intrigued? Here’s how to get that stunning shade of sterling.


One of the downsides of going grey is that your hair can seem a little dull. Give your grey hair dimension by asking your hairdresser to add a few silver highlights and even a few ash toned lowlights. This will create the illusion of depth and give your hair a stormy meets sun-kissed look.


Similar to blondes, grey hair can end up going a little yellow. Keep discolouration at bay by investing in a purple based toning shampoo that actively banishes brassiness. Don’t be put off by the violet colour. This actually helps to correct yellow undertones and keep your grey locks looking silvery.

Keep it trimmed

One of the best ways to rock grey hair is to keep it clean cut. Unlike other colours, silver isn’t very forgiving when it comes to split ends as it tends to be a little coarser. Keep your hair healthy and luscious by pencilling in a trip to the hairdresser every two or three months.


Make your grey hair pop by accenting it with the right clothes and makeup. Often, ladies who really look stunning with grey hair know how to pair it with charcoal and silver clothing, as well as pieces in jewel tones like ruby red, royal purple, and sapphire blue. Blush can also make a difference, with shades like apricot, peach and rose contrasting much better than beiges and tans.

Make the chop

Been colouring your hair for decades and not sure how to make the transition to grey? Stylists stress that chopping it all off can work wonders. Yes, it’s a big step. But it can be incredibly liberating and will give your hair a chance to grow back naturally. In the meantime, you can work with your hairdresser to create a natural look with the hair you kept. Need inspiration? Canadian model Maye Musk is a goddess when it comes to flaunting short silver styles.

Whatever your style, there’s no reason why you can’t learn to love grey hair. From sleek angled cuts paired with a striking pant suit to messy high buns and loose curls for that bohemian look, silver locks lend themselves to every style. It’s really all about learning how to care for your colour, complement sterling tones and of course, step out with confidence.

Are you gorgeous in grey? We’d love to see your photographs so go ahead and send them through.