Why you should make the switch to polarised lenses

You only get one set of eyes, so it makes sense to take care of them. But even though they’re quite literally a window to the world, far too many people fail to give their eyes the TLC they deserve. One of the biggest faux pas is wearing the wrong sunglasses. Did you know that some sunglasses can actually damage your eyes by magnifying UV rays? This means a bad pair can be worse than wearing no sunglasses at all.

Cue polarised lenses. You’ve probably heard of them, but do you know what all the fuss is about? Basically, polarised lenses are coated with a special chemical film that actively neutralises glare. Glare occurs when light from the sun bounces off a solid surface, which could be anything from sand to water. Unlike regular sunglasses that simply reduce the amount of horizontal and vertical light, polarised lenses absorb horizontal waves while letting vertical waves pass through. As light is only able to travel in one direction glare is eliminated, which allows you to see objects more clearly, as well as protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun.

Whether you’re thinking about investing in a pair of polarised sunglasses or are already a convert, here’s five reasons why you should make the switch.

Protect your eyes

No doubt about it, polarised sunglasses are the absolute best way to protect your eyes. UV rays can damage the eyes by deteriorating the cataracts and causing other issues like macular degeneration, pingueculae, pterygia and photokeratitis. All can cause both short and long-term vision loss, which is not what you want in your senior years. Polarised shades keep UV rays at bay and keep your eyes functioning at their best for longer.

See the world more clearly

From driving to beach days, glare can be a real buzzkill. It distorts your view, reduces depth perception and filters out colours. Armed with polarised lenses you’ll be able to see vivid colours, shadows and highlights like never before. The scene is crisp and clean, with an incredible level of detail and clarity that will make you wish you’d discovered polarised lenses decades ago.

Enhance water sports

The first thing you’ll notice with polarised lenses is that the water is so much clearer. It’s all thanks to the chemical film, which cuts out glare bouncing of the water and allows you to see what lies beneath, rather than simply the reflection of the sky. If you love fishing, boating or simply relaxing at the beach, you need a polarised pair of shades.

Safety on the roads

On a sunny day glare can wreak havoc on the roads. If you’re driving past a lake or the ocean the effects can be even worse. From light reflecting off nearby vehicles to rays bouncing off the road, polarised lenses cut out glare and create a safer driving environment for yourself, your passengers and fellow road users.

Ease existing vision issues

As you get older your eyes may start to deteriorate. Often glare can trigger eye strain and aggravate existing vision issues. This unnecessary stress can cause headaches and migraines, as well as redness and irritation. Polarised lenses keep the eyes comfortable and well rested, which will ultimately help to keep vision issues at bay in your senior years.

Four-seasons of protection

While they work wonders at the beach, polarised sunglasses aren’t just for summer. On the contrary, they often perform at their best in the winter, especially if you spend time in the snow. In fact, the latest research warns that the sun’s ultraviolet rays are 2.5 times more dangerous when reflected off snow than off sand or water. On a bluebird day the glare can be unbearable, though with polarised lenses you’ll be able to cut right through the dazzle. Whether you’re hiking, ice fishing or simply shovelling the driveway, polarised sunglasses will

With so much to love, there’s no reason not to upgrade to a pair of polarised lenses. Of course, if you’re unsure if they’re the right option for you be sure to chat to your optometrist before making a purchase. While we love brands like Ray Ban and Maui Jim, they can be a little pricey. The good news is websites like SmartBuyGlasses offer polarised lenses for every budget.