Keep the classics

classic suit
classic suit

Businessman in elegant suit, business meeting

At any age you want to feel confident, comfortable in your skin and desirable. However women and men have so much pressure nowadays to conform and dress in a particular way once they reach 50, 60 and beyond.

Seeing celebrities over the age of 65 such as Helen Mirren, Diane Keaton and Jane Fonda, as well as Richard Gere, Sean Connery and Michael Douglas working a red carpet can be inspiring yet seem out of reach. We don’t all have a team of stylists, makeup artists and hairdressers on hand every morning before we leave the house. We do however have a choice and a mind of our own that can pick exactly the style and look you want to go for. No matter what you hear about what you should be wearing for your age, the bottom line is confidence.

Growing old gracefully is really about having the confidence to know your own style and express it.

Classic cuts

The reason they are classics is that they have worked through a myriad of trends. For women, a well-tailored pair of trousers, teamed with a classic crisp white shirt and blazer is an elegant and timeless look. Wear it in your 40’s for a business meeting or wear it in your 80’s to keep you smart and stylish. For men, a tailored trouser will do for all occasions. Team with a short-sleeved shirt during warmer days and for a more classic evening look a long sleeved fitted shirt with jumper overlay. Spending the money on a well-fitted pair of trousers will last you years, go for classic colours like black, navy or cream, this will keep you fashion forward and the majority of your existing wardrobe will coordinate well with it.

Accepting your body shape

Once you reach 60, your body shape is unlikely to change dramatically, so picking styles that look great on one person won’t always work if your body shape just isn’t quite right for them. You want to work with what you have and what you feel comfortable in, first and foremost.

Bat wings – Avoid tops or dresses with thin or tight straps, go for a wider strap, cap sleeve or sheer covered sleeve for a more flattering look.
Where’s my waist? – A tailored blazer, jacket or cardigan that cinches in at the waist will create the hourglass figure you may not have.
Classic overcoat – A classic camel or navy coloured structured coat can make an outfit really stand out for women and men. Keeping warm during winter is essential so why not do it in style?

Someone who walks into a room with confidence and their head held high with self-assurance will always be the most beautiful person there, whether they’re wearing a Chanel pantsuit tailored to perfection, or a second-hand dress from the local charity shop.