Christmas Gift Trends

10381 gifts trend
10381 gifts trend

Every year, there is a pet, a game or a retail phenomenon that defines the Christmas season and causes endless angst for those trying to track them down.

Christmas Gift TrendsRetailers also tend to push big-ticket items, so that just the right amount of pressure is exerted on hapless parent and grandparents to make dreams come true!

Power Toys, Gaming and Gadgets

As soon as you think you are completely up to date with the latest in gadgetry, there will be an update or an innovation. Technology integrated toys are apparently all the rage, so think tablets an their cousins for smaller children, gaming consoles and cellphones.

Add Ons

Once you have every gadget, you can start collecting the add-ons – Bluetooth speakers for example – or wide-angle lenses for your digital or iphone camera. Then there are the accessories – who doesn’t want a fur cover for their smartphone at Christmas?

The Classics

Lego, dolls (see above for technology integrated), Meccano and Barbie are always popular at Christmas. Lego spinoffs like Chima, Ninjago and Star Wars have also flooded the minds of children.

Perfume and Pampering

The health and beauty sector rubs its (soft and scented) hands in glee as Christmas approaches. There has always been a plethora of products for women, but the range has exploded now that more are more men are embracing their softer side.


Gourmet goodies fly off the shelves around Christmas time. This makes perfect sense. ‘Tis the season to overindulge and try new delicious things!

Tried and True

Homewares, platters, small appliances, nifty storage, choppers, slicer s and novelty picnic-ware are always a hit. Stationery, books, plants, games and music round of the list.

Create Your Own Hype

Why not theme your Christmas gifts, ie this year everyone will get something that is alive, enhances the environment, is musical…? It might be the start of a brand new trend…