Ray Columbus: August Ramblings

Lost what I was sending to you again..dams..telecom's a complete mess…"As I was writing strange to be out of NZ for the Olympics…been in Quebec,Canada and in the USA..scoured everything for a mention of NZ..zip..most of the time!!NZ womens' soccer team down 0-4…and we were only mentioned once at the end when they said the final score!

Canada at least showed us for a quick minute during the open ceremony!…we are sadly a minnow here!.

Been spending some time down on the Jersey Shore about two hours from NYCity…the playground for Manhattanites.."Under The Boardwalk"..came from here…The Shore is a natural Marina for over 100 miles that Man has made minor changes to.-right on the Atlantic Ocean..very humid at this time of the year(asis most of New Jersey!..only downside of this fab spot is the 'greenhead' flies…they bite../not sting..and just land on you even while you're in the pool swimming…and bite!..leaving quite a wound!.Hard to enjoy the Summer at the Shore with them around!Quebec City celebrated it's 400 year Anniversary while we were there..a great Parade..with giant puppets were a feature….came all the way from Paris..depicting the famous French influences over 400 years in Quebec and Montreal…it was captivating..full of Pageantry as the French love.The old city with it's cobblestoned streets was packed with Tourists…quite amazing!!..what a jewel in Canada's crown Quebec is!.

More soon….I'll stop now before I loose the connection! which keeps happening!