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How to work for yourself in retirement 

How to Work in Retirement

When it comes to retirement security, experts maintain that both New Zealand and Australia rank among the top countries in the world. But while we can teach Americans a thing or two about planning for the Golden Years, we’re under no illusions that retirement is easy. Not only can it be tough from a financial perspective, it can also be difficult to fathom from an emotional point of view.

This is where working for yourself steps up as an enthralling concept. Whether you want to pad out your retirement fund or are simply looking for an enriching hobby that’ll fill your free days, working for yourself is a fantastic option. Turns out the average retiree agrees, with two-thirds of workers aged 50 and older admitting that their ideal retirement includes part-time work.

So how can you make it work? Read on for our guide to inspiring post-retirement work ideas, and how to get on-board.

painterIndulge your passions

Retirement is the perfect time to shun practicality, and indulge what makes you tick. Are you a lifelong vino connoisseur? Score a shift or two a week at your local boutique wine store. Are you a golf addict? Set your sights on the pro shop or country club. Adore books? Check if there are any positions going at your nearest library. Now is a fantastic time to explore interests beyond your career, and share your enthusiasm with others. Keep in mind that blue-chip positions can be competitive, so try starting with local businesses and places you visit on a regular basis. Chat with the manager, build up rapport and you could be earning cash and indulging your passions faster than you can say ‘superannuation!’

Get online

The internet has revolutionised the way the world does business, and opened-up incredible opportunities for remote employment. Learn the ropes, and you could soon find yourself working from your sunroom in a pair of slippers with a cup of coffee in hand! Now that beats a morning commute any day. If you’re a retired high school teacher, but still want to nurture your academic roots post-retirement, transitioning online is a great option. On freelancing sites like Upwork and People Per Hour you can hunt down a myriad of relevant jobs, from private tutoring and academic essay writing to document editing and journalism articles.

garageLeverage your expertise

Chances are you’ve been working in your current field for decades, and are a bona fide expert. If you’re dreaming of retirement but don’t want to leave the workforce entirely, why not parlay your expertise into consulting?  An organic starting point is your pre-retirement employer, who could be interested in keeping you on as a freelance employee for special projects. Remember, millennials may be the future but this has only helped to sanction the exclusivity of experienced professionals. Baby boomers are rapidly retiring, which has left businesses clamouring to retain top talent. This means you!

Join the sharing economy

The sharing economy may have been pioneered by millennials, but silver-haired sharers aren’t getting left behind. Seniors are becoming increasingly active, with Uber reporting around 25% of its drivers are over 50. Airbnb is another option, which unlocks the opportunity to run your very own guesthouse, and welcome a colourful line-up of travellers into your home.

Become a grey entrepreneur

If you see retirement as more of a career change, joining the ‘grey entrepreneur’ movement can give both you and your super fund a new lease on life. Worldwide, there’s been a huge trend in over 50s starting their own businesses in a bid to keep pension pots full, and enjoy a much-needed sea change. Starting your own SME can be immensely rewarding, but it’s no easy feat. You’ll need a solid business plan, plenty of energy and the kind of passion that gives Gen Z-ers a run for their money.

If you enjoy a hands on approach making crafts like jewellery or beautifully knitted blankets, have a look at Etsy, a global online marketplace.

You may no longer be a nine to fiver, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still dangle your feet in the corporate pool. We’d love to hear your success stories, so if you’re currently working for yourself post-retirement give us a shout!