‘The One Impossible Labyrinth’ by Matthew Reilly

The One Impossible Labyrinth

The One Impossible Labyrinth

The One Impossible Labyrinth is Matthew Reilly’s seventeenth novel, and the seventh story to feature Jack West as the main protagonist. It is the final novel in the bestselling Jack West series.

Jack West Jr has made it to the Supreme Labyrinth.

Now he faces one last race-against multiple rivals, against time, against the collapse of the universe itself-a headlong race that will end at a throne inside the fabled labyrinth.

AN IMPOSSIBLE MAZE But the road will be hard.

For this is a maze like no other: a maze of mazes. Uncompromising and complex. Demanding and deadly.


It all comes down to this.

For it ends here-now-in the most lethal and dangerous place Jack has encountered in all of his many adventures. And in the face of this indescribable peril, with everything on the line, there is only one thing he can do.

Attempt the impossible.


Matthew Reilly is the internationally bestselling author of the Scarecrow series, the Jack West series and numerous standalone novels. His books are published in over 20 languages with worldwide sales of over 7 million copies. He is the director of his first movie, Interceptor, a Netflix film co-written with Stuart Beattie.