My First Words in Maori. 50 Flashcards.

These 50 flash cards with the Maori word on one side and the English on the other were designed by Maori language champion Stacey Morrison. The cute colourful illustrations on both sides are set against a white background for easy recognition.

They are sorted into five topics: whanau, emotions/feelings, clothing, animals, food and drink. Te Reo phrases to ask and answer while using the flashcards and ideas for more activities and games you can play with them are also provided.

I thought the best way to find out how child friendly these illustrated flashcards would be was by trying them out on my four year old neighbour who I invite over for a story session from time to time. He knows what he likes and has been known to wander off when I read him a book that doesn’t appeal to him. So I was counting on him for an honest opinion. He enthusiastically identified all the pictures and said every word in English and Te Reo.

Having given them his seal of approval I think these flashcards would be fun to play with your tamariki too.

My First Words in Maori. 50 Flashcards. By Stacey Morrison. Imprint: Puffin. RRP $25.