What’s Important?

time-priorityAbout two thirds of Kiwis believe that their increasing age will not prevent them living life to the fullest. A recently released survey of attitudes around ageing has found that more than half of us are thinking regularly about how to maintain their quality of life. We are also crystal clear about our priorities – keeping healthy and independent is top of mind, as is financial security and a sense of community.


What is most important to Kiwis as they age? Good health, financial security and a sense of community, in that order.

Health is easily ranked as the most important ingredient for happiness in older age and we Kiwis value the ability to remain fit and active on a regular basis.

Financial fitness also allows for more options and increased peace of mind is important to Kiwis too, with 87% believing financial comfort will be directly related to happiness for their older years. Most people surveyed are planning to spend their money on holidays and travel, dining out and attending shows than staying stylish. While 76% plan to take holidays in the coming years, only 19% are concerned about buying clothes and being fashionable.

Property investment becomes less important with years too – probably because we’ve been there and done that – only 6% of over 60s want to spend money on property, compared with 46% of people aged 18-29.


The other key ingredient is an active and involved community – being social is important to happiness. 71% of respondents want to have friends and family close by as they get older. Women are more definitely more socially oriented than men, but both sexes benefit from staying connected to loved ones.

The survey was also conducted in Australia with similar results across the Tasman.