The habits of truly positive people

From pulling yourself out of a rut to improving your mental health, there’s no denying the power of positive thinking. To some, it comes naturally, but to most, it requires a little effort. So how can you train your mind to take a ‘glass half full’ kind of approach? Here’s some tried and tested tips designed to turn positive thinking into a subconscious habit.

Expect plans to work out

positive, graduate, happyEver heard of The Secret? Basically, it preaches that if you envision success, it will come. Rather than continually question whether or not you’ve made the right decision or if you’ll achieve your goals, simply harness the power of imagination and trust that you can and will succeed.

Banish negative thoughts

Whether it’s looking in the mirror and criticising your body or beating yourself up about the fact that you’re not perfect, negative thoughts can be incredibly destructive. Instead of letting them run wild, train your mind to automatically replace negative with positive when they’re conjured up. It’s hard at first but eventually, it’ll become intuitive.

Make your own day

Every day, treat yourself to something that makes you happy. Yes, it’s fabulous when someone else ‘makes your day’. But it’s even better when you do it yourself! From splurging on a caramel latte to telling yourself that you’re amazing, be your own best friend.

Sweat it out

It’s no secret that endorphins lift your mood. So if you want to operate in default positive mode, sweating it out at the gym is a great way to feel good, and stay fit.

Be proactive

Positive people don’t wait for something to come to them. Nor do they dwell on the fact that things aren’t going to plan, or wish their troubles away. Instead, they take a proactive approach to success. They get involved in the construction of their own lives and make productive changes when things aren’t on track.

Keep the past in the past

From reliving an old argument to pining for the good ol’ days, dwelling on the past is a one-way ticket to a negative mindset. Positive people know the value of making new memories, and living in the now.

happy, smile, positiveEmbrace productive regret

If you can’t overcome a memory, embrace the concept of productive regret. Whether you were hurt in a divorce or made some bad financial decisions, productive regret turns negative experiences into positive stepping stones that can be used to carve a better future.

Practice gratitude

More than simply a whimsical yoga concept, practising gratitude can actually be an incredibly powerful positivity tool. Every day, make an effort to celebrate the things you’re grateful for. Whether it’s a loving family, an adoring pet, a beautiful day, a gorgeous sunset or simply the fact that you’re alive, actively honouring the parts of your life that make you happy will automatically translate to a positive mindset.


Positive people are self-empowered and refuse to blame others for their problems. They take responsibility for their own actions and don’t get caught up in playing the victim.

See possibilities, not limitations

happy, positiveWhere negative people see limitations, positive people see possibilities. Let yourself be energised by all the incredible things that could happen, instead of letting yourself get dragged down by all the reasons you may not succeed.

The power of a positive mindset plays an all-important role in achieving both happiness, and success. So next time you feel yourself getting dragged down by that incessantly negative little voice, put these tips into practice and watch yourself become lighter, brighter and more positive.