Egg-cellent Breakfast Ideas

Herb omelette with chives and oregano sprinkled with chili flakes, garlic panini toasts

If you’re looking for a protein punch to start your day, add eggs to your breakfast menu. A recent report by the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation says that two eggs and toast is still head and shoulders above other traditional breakfast choices when it comes to providing you with protein.

Eating good quality protein at the beginning of the day will help keep you feeling full for longer and provide lasting energy. You will also be less likely to suffer from a ‘mid morning energy slump,’ which often leads to unhealthy snacking.

Eggs are the unbeatable choice to kick-start your day, proven to deliver significantly more protein than many common Kiwi breakfast choices, along with other valuable vitamins and minerals.

New Zealand Nutrition Foundation Dietitian, Sarah Hanrahan says that while we do get some protein from bread and cereals, the important role protein plays in setting us up for the day can be overlooked.

“With New Year’s resolutions in full swing, now is a great time to think about what‘s really achievable and realistic – such as creating good breakfast habits, she says.

“Less than 10% of us will be successful in achieving our set resolutions, so instead of making extreme promises about weight loss and exercise, why not make small improvements in your everyday eating habits?

“Make a change you and your family can stick with. Breakfast is a great place to start and the benefits are real. They include improvement in academic and physical performance, less snacking and a reduced likelihood of weight gain.”

Ideas with eggs:

  • Poached eggs in a flash – bring a small pan of water to a rolling simmer, add a teaspoon of white vinegar and crack in eggs. Simmer for 3 minutes and serve on wholegrain toast. To add something extra, spread pesto on the toast and top with wilted spinach
  • Scrambled eggs – crack two eggs into a bowl, add 1/4 cup milk or cream and whisk with a fork. Heat a small amount of butter and a teaspoon of oil (to prevent the butter burning) and add the eggs. Pull the egg mixture slowly from the outside of the pan towards the middle. Season with salt and pepper once the mixture is half cooked. Add herbs, smoked salmon, or a sprinkle of cheese, if desired.
  • Boiled eggs – cover eggs with cold water in a small pot and bring to the boil gently. Simmer for 2-3 minutes for soft boiled, or longer if you prefer well done eggs
  • Omelette – follow similar instructions as for scrambled eggs, but leave the mixture until it is nearly set, then add your favourite fillings (leftover roasted vegetables, thinly sliced raw vegetables, cold meats or finely chopped herbs) to one side of the pan, then fold over the other side.

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