8 tips to staying healthy in Autumn

As the leaves change and days start to grow colder, we’re reminded that autumn has arrived, and winter won’t be far behind. But with autumn comes all the health problems the colder weather brings, which none of us enjoy! So, we’ve put together our favourite eight tips to help you stay healthy this autumn.

1. Get Active Early – as the days start to get shorter, make the effort to get your exercise done early in the day. This means you are more likely to do it and you can feel great you’ve done it for the rest of the day!

2. Eat Enough Seasonal Foods – eat fruit and vegetables which are in season, such as apples, broccoli and pumpkin. Seasonal food is the best way to get the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals into your diet, helping your body stay healthy in autumn.

3. Up Your Awareness of Hunger and Fullness – make sure you are eating because you are hungry, not just because it’s there. In autumn, it’s easy to put on weight as we’re generally not as active in the colder months.

4. Enjoy Comforting Meals – hot meals such as soups and stews help make you feel full and fulfilled. They also keep you feeling warmer and even brighter on those cloudy days.

5. Get Plenty of Rest – so often people catch colds and viruses more frequently if they are run down and tired. By sleeping well, not only are you unlikely to get as sick as often, but you also reduce the chance of spreading the bugs to your friends and family too.

6. Get Outside – it’s so easy to feel depressed and mopey being cooped upside. Make a point of going outside in the sun for some vitamin D. There is nothing like breathing fresh air to make you feel better to improve your mood and your mindset.

7. Boost Your Immune System – drink plenty of fresh water and eat fruits and vegetables! Some people swear that taking garlic, probiotics and vitamins helps your body in its fight against the ails of autumn too.

8. Live Aligned with The Season – adapt to the cooler temperatures. This means staying warm and dry, wearing warm clothing and having a well-heated house.

What are your tips on staying healthy in autumn? Share with us in the comments below!