Dance your way to well-being


One of the best ways to keep up with exercise is to find a physical activity that is so fun and so magnetic, you don’t even realize you’re exercising! When it comes to physical fitness, few activities offer that sort of engagement quite like dancing. Low-impact, moderate-intensity, great for people of all ages – dancing is a must for baby boomers health and wellness.


Types of Dancing

You might be surprised by the variety of styles that are great for your health. While pole dancing certainly might not seem like the right fit for everyone, this and other styles offer unique experiences and health benefits:

Ballroom Dancing – Can something as elegant as ballroom dancing really be exercise? Absolutely. Dancing the waltz, tango, cha cha, or salsa involves agility, coordination, and cohesive partner work.

Tap Dancing – Think tap dancing is for kids? Think again! Tap dancing interweaves complicated footwork with dance moves and group synchronicity to music, perfect for those who want to strengthen balance and coordination skills.

Square Dancing – This call and response style of dancing is great for large groups and involves partner and group movements, which dancers following the steps called out by a leader. Scottish dancing incorporates similar elements and is very popular with older adults as well.

Swing Dancing – Stemming from 1920s jazz music culture, swing dancing embraces a mix of fast-paced partner dancing involving turns, twists, and footwork. You might know swing dancing more by names like the Lindy Hop or Jitterbug.

Pole Fitness – In recent years pole dancing has increased in popularity moving out of clubs and into gyms as a new fitness trend. High-intensity dancing combines dance with strength training and flexibility, giving you a full body workout. The workouts also allow you to feel sexy, which is a boon to relationships as we get older.

Fitness Dancing – when it comes to fitness dancing, think Zumba or Jazzercise. These popular rhythm pounding dance styles are a mix of movement and exercise and are often offered as classes at gyms, boutique studios, and so forth.