From ancient china to webmd: the 21st century benefits of acupuncture

Dating back thousands of years, acupuncture is one of the oldest healing pr10186-Back_pain___Copyre. Want to know more? Head over to WebMD for a closer look at how acupuncture could help bring your blood pressure down.

  • Energy boost

Following the treatment, some people claim to feel energised and rejuvenated. This makes sense, seeing as acupuncture is designed to target acupressure points and rebalance the body’s energy meridians!

  • Relax

relax, On the other end of the scale, some acupuncture advocates feel deeply relaxed after a treatment. Imbalances in the body’s energy meridians can understandably mess with your psyche, which is why acupuncture can be such an effective form of relaxation.

  • Nausea

Over the past decade, acupuncture has emerged as a popular treatment for nausea. This makes it a favourite with people receiving chemotherapy, or any medication that induces queasiness.

  • Quit smoking

If you’ve been trying to kick the habit, acupuncture could be an offbeat way to quit smoking for good. Some experts maintain that it helps to combat physical cravings, detox the body of nicotine and help alleviate the mental stress of cravings.

  • Menopause

10234-menopause_treatment___CopySuffering from hot flushes, mood swings and unexpected sweats? Apparently, acupuncture can be incredibly effective at relieving the symptoms of menopause. So why not get together the girls and book in a monthly session?

One of the absolute best things about acupuncture is that it’s suitable for almost everyone, regardless of age, fitness or physical health. So, if you’re suffering from pain, are unhappy with your current medication or simply want to enjoy the lifestyle benefits of acupuncture, why not give it a go? There are some great deals to snap up on Groupon, so check out what’s available in your local area and learn to love the ancient art of acupuncture.