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MARTIN HAWES: Make sure your KiwiSaver account has the right tax rate

Recently there has been a flurry of stories in the media based on revelations from the Inland Revenue Department that around 1.5 million KiwiSaver members are on the wrong tax rate.

The IRD says that 950,000 have paid too much tax and 550,000 have paid too little and will get a bill for the outstanding amount for the past year.

It’s hard to work out who we should feel more sorry for: the under-payers or the over-payers. The people who have not paid enough tax have received a bill for the tax that they should have paid last year. It is easy to feel sympathetic for these people because many are going to have to find a few hundred dollars from their own resources.

Those who have over-paid get my greater sympathy. These will largely be people who need every dollar in their KiwiSaver accounts but they have robbed themselves because they had not been on the right rate. There is no provision for a refund of KiwiSaver taxes from the IRD.

Now is a good time to check you are on the right Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR) or tax rate. Most KiwiSaver members are getting letters around now with their annual member and tax statement. It would only take a minute to check the statement to see if your KiwiSaver provider has your correct tax rate.

If you don’t know what rate to be on, the IRD website has advice. There are three rates for KiwiSaver members, 10.5%, 17.5% and 28%.

If you need to change your PIR, see if your KiwiSaver provider lets you update it online or ask them for a form.

As Benjamin Franklin said, nothing in life can be more certain than death and taxes. So, it’s important that if you have to pay tax, at least make sure you are not paying too much or too little.

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