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Investing in apartments for cashflow

investing in apartments for cash
investing in apartments for cash

Grant Hoey – Apartment Master, is running his annual event, Investing in Apartments for Cashflow this Sunday 20th May at the Grand Millennium Auckland. If you are a current property investor or thinking of stepping into the world of property investing this is an important event to attend. Everyone is always impressed with the massive amount of information Grant imparts on investing in this niche market.

Grant has been a property investor for over 25 years and with that seen the many ups and downs of the market due to economic change; government tax changes; tenancy law changes; and lending changes. That coupled with his qualification in financial planning and 12 years mentoring clients, puts him in great steed to be offering his wisdom on how to successfully derive cashflow from Auckland apartments.

Grant gets great pleasure helping others on their path to success. “I’m always extremely proud of the high-quality way in which my clients present their apartments. It is great to be able to make income by producing an excellent product.” Here are some examples of deals Grant’s clients have done.

One of today’s challenges is getting the correct funding in place to maximise your investment opportunities. Fortunately, one of New Zealand’s leading Mortgage Brokers, David Windler (Mortgage Broker of the Year) will be coming along to share his strategies on apartment funding. This is a great opportunity to learn the latest lending strategies.

Also, for the first time ever we have special guest speaker, Tony Alexander, Chief Economist of the BNZ Bank, give us a update on the economy. If you have heard Tony speak before you will know he has an amazing ability to break down the complexities of the economy so we all understand where the opportunities lie.

Benefit from the years of experience Grant has obtained along the road to building a successful apartment portfolio. Come along on Sunday for 8 hours of education and information. Book your ticket now. For Grown Up members we can offer a special. To get two tickets for the price of one use the code 2 for 1.


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