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Get the most from your rental property

Rental property

Improve your rental’s potential without over-capitalising.


To begin with, it is important that the home is spotless. No renter will be attracted to a house that is not completely clean. So give it a good scrub – this includes all those hidden and hard to reach spots including skirting boards and ceilings. Consider renting a carpet cleaner from your supermarket to give the carpets a thorough clean and steam clean any soft furnishing so they are fresh and odour free, or book a professional carpet cleaner.

Give the walls a fresh coat of paint if the paint job is looking tired. But choose a colour that won’t show smudges and dirt – neutral shades are best. Cream, beige, warm greys and whites are a good choice because they will be appealing to the majority of people.

Install some inexpensive ready made curtains. Opt for curtains with a thermal backing that will keep the house warm but avoid bold colours or prints that may not appeal to everybody.

As well as making sure your windows look great, it is also important to make sure they are secure. Install catches on the windows that allow them to be left slightly open during the day for airing but are still safe from intruders.

Before renting out the property use a dehumidifier to help dry out excess moisture and clean away mould with products such as Exit Mould.

If window frames or sills are peeling or cracking, paint them. Go for enamel paint as it is harder wearing.

The final tip for indoors is to make sure all appliances are in good working order. This makes the house safe for your tenants, and no one wants the hassle of having to deal with broken appliances.

Rental property


Moving on to the outside, make sure the lawn and garden are tidy. Renters don’t want to deal with high-maintenance plants such as roses, so go for easy care plants such as lavender or flaxes. A potted garden is another low-maintenance idea – potted plants are easy to care for, provide instant colour, and can be taken with you if the property is ever sold.

Front entrances give that all important first impression so pay careful attention to this area of the house. Impress potential renters by making sure your property looks safe and tidy.