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Troubled Water

Toubled Water

We are very pleased to be giving away a copy of Anna Kenna’s book ‘Troubled Water’ to our GrownUps members.

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About Troubled Water

Young NZ activist Viola Vincent tackles water-quality issues

“Fierce gusts jostled the car.. a wave reared over the  seawall and smashed against Caitlin’s window.”

A tropical cyclone is just one of the challenges Caitlin faces on her summer holiday. Her story about a polluted  river causes a different storm that stirs up community feelings that run as deep as the river itself.

Troubled Water is about the dire state of New Zealand’s rivers and streams and looks also at the impact of climate change on the environment – subjects that are of great concern to the 10 to 15 year old readers the book targets.

Children’s author Anna Kenna, well known as a former investigative TV reporter on programmes such as Fair Go and 20/20, has focussed on the premise that children can be powerful advocates in their own right. Anna commented: “Most of our rivers are unsafe to swim in and we’re passing these unhealthy waterways onto our children. They are the generation that’s going to have to keep future governments honest in their pledge to clean them up.

“I hope this book will empower kids to take action to ensure they inherit waterways they can enjoy, as their parents and grandparents once did.”

Viola Vincent Reporting – Troubled Water, has just been named as one of Storylines Notable Junior Fiction books of 2020/21. It is the third book in the Viola Vincent Reporting series in which protagonist, Caitlin Nove (AKA Viola Vincent), uses the media to highlight important social and environmental issues.  The books combine Anna’s passion for  investigative journalism and children’s fiction.

Anna says she’s thrilled to receive the Storylines recognition and she hopes the book will continue to strike a chord with young people.

Anna Kenna has written extensively for school publications and her books are in schools and homes all over the world. In addition to The Essential Fairy and the Viola Vincent Reporting series, Anna is also the author of picture books A Fright at the Orcas and Bo.


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