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Travel Tips

Practical Packing

Packing for a holiday can be an art form. Take too little and you can end up stuck. Pack too much and it can cost a fortune in additional fees.

Tips for Travelling

Although many of you will have done much travelling in the past, it is always good to think about the things which can make travel easier and more enjoyable and help avoid some of the problems which can occur if we are not well prepared.

Where in the World Shall We Go?

It's the summer. You have time off coming up. You want to do something fun and unusual with it. Now what? How do you choose a destination when faced with so many wonderful choices, both in New Zealand and overseas?

Ensure You Insure Before You Travel

Packing your bags and heading overseas on holiday is one of life's great pleasures. Travel and holidays are designed to educate, energise and enrich you life. Before you leave, make sure you have selected travel insurance that will allow you to enjoy peac