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Articles all about our country, your favourites like food, wine, family, your home, gardening, retirement living and yes, something about pets also.

Don’t Panic

I have no wish to cause uproar in the aisles, but realising yesterday that there is less than a month to Christmas I thought it perhaps time to give a thought or two as to what to eat over this hospitable and celebratory season.


We all have to suffer loss in our lives and it is hard. I do not think we are ever really prepared for it.

Rose Hall of Fame

Every three years, rosarians from around the world gather at the World Rose Convention to share ideas and knowledge on the rose.

Dogs – Our Best Friends

There is a reason why dogs are our best friends. This article is to remind us of why we love dogs so much, to spare a few minutes and to spare a few words in praise of "man's best friend," the dog.