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Health & Wellbeing

Breathe In Good Health

Aromatherapy is an alternative natural health therapy, where the oils and extracts of plants, flowers and herbs are inhaled or applied to the skin to promote health and wellbeing. There is little doubt that plants and herbs have healing abilities.

Don’t Be Upset

Stomach upsets are an unpleasant and painful part of life, and thankfully are usually over fairly quickly. Your stomach is a 'first receiver' in the body and as such, is a good guide for your general health.

Snoring – The Midnight Menace

We all snore sometimes. Whether it is a quick catch as we fall asleep or a full nocturnal chainsaw impression, snoring is a natural phenomenon. The extent to which you snore can signal underlying health problems or cause long tem friction between you and

Recharge Your Internal Batteries

Life is busy, and it is extremely easy to find yourself exhausted, overwhelmed and feeling tired to the bone. Instead of accepting this as an inevitable part of life, seek out ways to recharge your batteries and live the best life you can.

Mesotherapy – A Cosmetic Alternative

Mesotherapy treatment is a non-surgical cosmetic solution that has been practiced in Europe for several decades. It is touted as less invasive that cosmetic surgery for treating cellulite, excess fat and facial rejuvenation.