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Wills, Trusts & Asset Protection

Squeezing Lemons: Your Consumer Rights

There has never before been a time in history when so much statutory protection has been available to the consumer. The trick is to know your basic rights and not be afraid to advocate them.

Seven Tips for a Good Will

There was a time when most people went to their solicitor and asked for a 'standard' sort of will. That simple will has become quite rare in these much more complicated times. However, there are some universal 'truths' that still apply to all wills.

The Final Appointment

In this article we look at what is involved in being the executor of a will and at the factors to consider when appointing your own executor.

Over the Fence

Neighbours! Often modern life is so busy you hardly ever see them. Occasionally they become good friends. Sometimes they turn out to be monsters that can ruin your enjoyment of life and plunge you in to your own suburban soap opera of arguments and rec

Ask The Ombudsman

New Zealand was the first country outside of Scandinavia to formally appoint an independent person to investigate grievances that individuals had against government departments.

The Law and Christmas

As the festive season looms ever nearer I got to thinking about the legal implications of Christmas, as only a lawyer would.

What is a Life Worth?

Is it possible for one human to do that to another without knowing that such an act will at the very least cause serious and probably permanent brain damage, if not death?

Law Making with the Fairy Godmother

If the legal Fairy Godmother ever shoulder-tapped me and gave me the option of passing any law I liked then the choice would be simple. I would pass a law making it illegal for the New Zealand parliament to pass any more laws on any topic - ever.