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Wills, Trusts & Asset Protection

The Joys of the Homemade Will

Some years ago an elderly client died. She was a dear old soul but had an almost pathological dislike of spending money, so we will call her Mrs Scrooge. Shortly after her death her family came into the office and with a flourish produced several pages o

A Contract, Is a Contract, Is a Contract

I remember the first time I looked at a set of documents for a 'Blue Chip' transaction. Perhaps I was having a bad day, but I had to read them through about three times to work out how they were supposed to operate. There were, I think, three separate c

Can You Trust a Trust?

Although there are still some people promoting trusts the enthusiasm has waned somewhat. The big legal topic these days is not whether you need a trust but whether the trust you set up a few years ago is worth the paper it is written on.

Those Twelve Good and True Persons

Jury trials are often in the news. Sometimes the complaints of jurors who feel they are inconvenienced and underpaid feature. Occasionally a trial where the decision of the jury seems unusual, such as the trial of the activists who allegedly damaged the

The Trouble with Trusts

Family trust expert Mark Maxwell is so concerned about the number of dodgy trusts operating in New Zealand that he's written a book, Trusts - A Kiwi Sham?

Types of Trusts

Complying trusts (formerly qualifying trusts) A complying trust is one which has been taxed in New ...