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How Loyal Should You Be To Loyalty Programs?

Oily raggers love something for nothing. It's no surprise then that they should be tempted by the various loyalty programs on offer. But how good are these programs? Are they really something for nothing or is there a catch?

Tips Galore

We thought it was time to dig deep into the oily rag mail bag and share some of the marvellous ideas sent in by oily raggers.

The Mailbags Are Full of Great Tips

Last week we received an emergency phone call. It was the lovely lady at NZ Post. Desperate, she was - "Can you PLEASE come and clear your mail box. Oily Rag mail has overflowed onto the floor and is piled up to the ceiling!"

Holiday Feasts and Fun

Its holiday time, which for many is about sharing, caring, and food. Food usually plays a major part in the festive conviviality's and social engagements so our thoughts once again turned to ways to entertain family and friends with frugality and fun.

The Oily Rag Test

It's quiz time. How do your oily rag skills rate? Here's your chance to find out, by taking the oily rag test. Answer these simple questions, then see how you rate.

Beating the Food Price Rise

We have been warned. Floods, famine, heat waves, and an ice-age type winter in the northern hemisphere are likely to have a big impact on the price of food in our supermarkets. Never fear, there is one thing that we can reply upon to combat the perils bef

Resolutely Oily Rag

It is traditional in January to make promises for the year ahead. For many, these resolutions are more about aspiration than they are fact, but oily rag folk like aspiration so we thought it would be worth reflecting on penny-pinching resolutions, mottos

Cheap and Cheerful Christmas

It's Christmas again (already) so we thought it appropriate to reflect on some of the best Christmas tips. The oily rag trick is to be generous, but frugal. Being a creative lot, oily raggers do this in many ways.

Budgeting Gems

Christmas seems like a good time of the year to talk about budgeting. Fortunately the oily rag community have lots to say about budgets. Here are some of their suggestions.