Travelling Europe in style by train

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Travelling Europe by train is perhaps one of the most engaging ways to take a vacation or holiday. From fascinating mountain peaks to meandering rivers of pristine waters to lush, green landscapes, your journey by train takes you to sites that you will never want to leave except for the knowledge that each leg of the journey continues the experience. As the scenery sweeps past you in its amazing splendour, the power of the train and of the journey itself energizes you to a new level of awareness.

As if this experience of viewing the wonder of nature isn’t enough, each time you stop to visit one of the fascinating cities on the itinerary, you will get another eyeful of attractive architecture, intriguing historical monuments, and charming scenery. From castles to churches to political buildings to monuments to village homes, the sights you see will make your time go by so quickly that you will find yourself wishing you had booked a longer train journey.

An earful of stimulating dialogue goes along with everything you see showcasing historical facts and detailing interesting trivia. You’ll also get a mouthful of savoury cuisine at meal times that lingers not only on the tip of your tongue but also in the inner recesses of your memories. If the sights and sounds don’t lure you to come back again, surely the delightful aromas wafting through each town will entice you to return by rail again.

The European train network is amazing in its extensiveness that allows it to cover more than twenty gorgeous countries and over five hundred exciting cities. Just think of all of the fun you can have taking one train vacation after another throughout the years. From short jaunts to longer ones and luxury train travel to budget trips, travelling Europe by train is the best way to go.

Booking Train Travel

Booking train travel is one of the simplest parts of this grand adventure. All you need to know is where you would like to go, how long you would like to travel Europe by train, and how you are going to pay for this magnificent journey through some of the most wonderful cities and landscape in the world.

You even get to pick whether you will sleep on the train indulging in the soft comfort of a luxurious stateroom or step off to the delightful accommodations at an elegant European hotel. If you elect to sleep on the train, you will get the pleasure of waking up in a completely new location. The entire journey is planned for you according to the specific train travel you select. Guided tours provide a mix of pleasure, fascination, camaraderie, and education all in one exciting package.

The length of the average train tour typically falls somewhere between seven and eleven days. However, a number of lengthier jaunts ranging form 2 to 4 weeks are available for the true train aficionado. Plus, for those high-powered individuals who simply can’t pull themselves away for longer than two to four days, a number of adventurous train journeys are accessible throughout the year. Shorter train journeys will be less expensive and therefore more affordable to the budget. However, for the true train lover, several shorter train trips throughout the year might be more rewarding than a single longer rail journey.

Why a Train?

Trains have a fascinating history of their own. Train travel is exciting with the sun dipping below the horizon that greets you from your window. Plus, panoramic landscapes filled with wildlife and lush flora present colourful displays that will keep you from nodding off. If you don’t believe it, take a train journey and discover the joy of the rails for yourself.