Camping in NZ – Do Your Bit Please

2128 NZ Camp bsticker middle
2128 NZ Camp bsticker middle

There is a growing awareness of the problem of freedom camping and its consequential fouling of rest areas and beaches. This is having an impact on our “NZ Clean and Green” image.

If campers have effluent to get rid of they need to go to a camp or a garage (where a dump point is provided.)

For those campervans that are not self-contained there are only the campsites. Campervan people; generally the younger generation cannot afford to stay at the high grade Parks so they camp on roadsides and picnic areas and leave their wastes in these areas.

Travellers need to be trained even if they are only here for a short time. The NZ Camping Guide has produced colourful ‘Kiwi” bumper stickers, free of charge, which we would appreciate van owners displaying on their vans.

Perhaps if we set an example and make a start New Zealand will stay ‘Clean and Green’ for our children and grand children.

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