The Best Christmas Markets in Europe

Best Christmas Markets in Europe

There’s a reason why Christmas is highly revered,
And considered the most wonderful time of the year.
With a sense of amazement, magic, and whimsey,
And a guest who pops in from out of the chimney.
There he stands in a suit coloured scarlet,
With plenty of presents from the best Christmas markets.
You’ll find oodles to see, to love, and to do,
So let’s discover a market that’s perfect for you.
All across Europe are fun, festive treasures,
Where you’ll make memories to cherish forever.
Settle down with some sherry and a slice of yule log,
And learn more about the markets in our big festive blog.

The best Christmas markets in Europe

1. Schönbrunn, Vienna
2. Nuremburg Christmas market, Nuremburg
3. Markt der Engel, Cologne
4. St. Stephen’s Basilica cathedral Christmas market,Budapest
5. Rüdesheim Christmas market, Rüdesheim

1. Schönbrunn, Vienna


Schönbrunn in Vienna is where you will find
A fun Christmas market that’s one of a kind.
Hosted in front of the famed Schönbrunn Palace,
There’s plenty of joy, no room for malice.
After the big day, settle down by the fire,
And prepare yourself for the best New Year’s choir.
You see, Christmas in Schönbrunn is only the start,
With the New Year’s market next, why would you depart?
The festive cheer here is so hard to resist,
Surely a better market couldn’t possibly exist.

2. Christkindlesmarkt, Nuremburg

Nurumberg Christmas Markets

Christkindlemarkt is a worthy contender,
Meticulously managed to ward off pretenders.
Mass produced toys and chart music is banned,
No wonder this market has millions of fans.
We know you’ll enjoy the grand celebrations,
The food, the glühwein, and festive decorations.
There’s an opening ceremony you won’t want to miss,
That will leave you to wonder if it gets better than this.

3. Markt der Engel, Cologne

Christmas Markets Cologne

The next Christmas market eyeing the throne,
Is found in the charming locale of Cologne.
Markt der Engel is considered high-class,
With a product selection that’s hard to surpass.
The angel performers are a true sight to see,
They’ll charm all the children, and they’ll delight you and me.
But even with plenty of magic around,
There are more markets to explore where wonder is found.

4. St. Stephen’s Basilica cathedral Christmas market, Budapest

Christmas Markets Budapest

Travel the Danube and reach Budapest,
To discover a market considered the best.
Hosted outside the Basilica of St. Stephen,
There’s glamour, there’s pageantry, and you’re not even dreamin’.
Believe it or not, you’ll find an ice rink,
Outside of the church, near the stalls selling drinks.
And, of course, we can’t forget this utter delight,
A dazzling show created with lights.
Under the shining Basilica dome,
You’ll ponder the markets that are still left to roam.

5. Rüdesheim Christmas market, Rüdesheim

Rüdesheim Christmas Market

Rüdesheim’s market is truly distinct,
Where cultures and traditions are intricately linked.
Make your way over to Drosselgasse Lane,
And observe the bright stalls that dot the terrain.
Where they’ve come from is a task to determine,
As not all that you see is traditionally German.
Mongolian food and sweet Finnish treats,
Can all be found here as you wander the streets.
So, dance your way past the glittering ice sculptures,
Losing yourself in the various cultures.
And before you head off, try the Rüdesheim coffee,
It’s delicious, indulgent, and incredibly frothy.
Made with a special Asbach Uralt brandy,
You’ll feel so festive, so fine, and so dandy.

What to wear to Christmas markets

Now you’ve discovered the best Christmas markets,
Throughout all of Europe, you know which to target.
But before you enjoy the Christmassy flair,
Remember to think carefully about the clothes you’ll wear.
Hats, and gloves, and scarves are all key,
To keep yourself warm, we’re sure you’ll agree.
And ‘tis the season for kitsch festive sweaters,
So comfy and cosy, there’s no jumper that’s better.
Make sure you’re prepared for rain, sleet, or snow,
By bringing a coat, you’ll stay warmer, you know.

What do Christmas markets sell?

What do Christmas markets sell

You’ll find treats, decorations, and a selection of toys,
Everything that’s needed to please the good girls and boys.
From gingerbread men to mugs of mulled wine,
There are plenty of options when you drink and you dine.
Splurge, treat yourself, for you know it’s the season,
Christmas is here, do you need another reason?
Okay, here’s one, the food is delish,
There’s not a single snack offered that you’ll want to miss.
The toys are handcrafted for that extra-special touch,
For years to come, they’ll be cherished so much.
Markets are great for buying decorations,
Go take a look for festive inspiration.
You see, there’s so much for the vendors to sell,
Take in all that you can before you bid a festive farewell.