Janis Grummitt

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Meet Janis Grummitt

JanisBuilding better brains is a personal, economic and social necessity in our ageing world. Janis is a social anthropologist and brain building enthusiast well known in the field of mind development and effective thinking. After 30 years of conference speaking and facilitating workshops for corporate groups, she is now taking her message about the brain to everyone.

Janis knows that we can build our own brains because as a benign brain tumour survivor, she is one of the few people who has had the opportunity to practice these techniques on her own brain. She translates complicated neuro-research findings into practical everyday common sense. She now calls herself a ‘Wiring Warrior’ when she speaks and writes about the need to build better brains in an ageing society.

She has published a flip book ‘A Wiring Warriors guide to brain basics’ available on her Workplace wisdom website. Her new book SPECS, a practical programme for building brains will be published in early 2014.

Support, information and other people who are interested can be found on the Facebook page ‘Wiring Warriors’. Two LinkedIn groups, ‘Wiring Warriors’ and ‘Wiser Society’ also provide an opportunity to be part of the movement. Her challenge to you is to become a Warrior as well, building a better brain for yourself and encouraging others to do the same.
Janis lives north of Auckland on three acres with her husband John, cat Dilly and 11 hens.

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