Got a glitch? Call a techie!

Noel Leeming Tech Solutions to the rescue

Technology is supposed to make things faster and easier, but when a device stops working, it’s like you’ve hit a brick wall. Which wire goes to what? And where? Is it even about wires at all?

Don’t despair! Finding a way around those brick walls is worth it – think about how much more you can get from technology (besides headaches!). When tech things go pear-shaped, you can call Noel Leeming Tech Solutions and they’ll send someone out to you – someone like Rahul, who visited Katherine, one of our writers, and a very unretired retiree!

Here’s her first-hand account of Noel Leeming’s in-home learning session.

An issue fixed with faster internet

When I met Rahul at the door, his friendly smile told me he was someone I could talk to. We had a few little tech issues and one big one – with our smart TV. Anytime we wanted to sit down for a dose of Netflix, we had to turn off the Wi-Fi on both our phones, and my husband often had to pause his laptop’s updates, so a program wouldn’t freeze during an exciting bit.

When I mentioned we’d have fibre installed in a few weeks, Rahul assured me that the TV would perform much better, and the stop-start problem would go away. He told me he’d been in fibre installation before joining the Noel Leeming team, and it was faster and more reliable than Wi-Fi on its own. Good to know!

“I’m not as dumb as I thought I was!”

My other issue was a newish Mac laptop and a fairly old printer. I had tried to find a printer driver that was compatible with my laptop, with no success. The printer still works fine; I can print and copy documents, but when I want to scan something I must use my older desktop to do it.

Rahul warned me that Apple’s OS is a bit picky when it comes to drivers. He did his best, searching all kinds of printer websites to try and find me a driver, but he finally ended up on the same page I had come to – with no joy. You know, I didn’t really mind – it was nice to know that I’m not so dumb after all!

Checking out that mess of wires

My next question was about the fibre installation – were we doing it the best way for our home set-up? Rahul checked out what looks to me like a complete mess of wires at the top of our office closet (shhh, my husband says is very tidy). I guess Rahul thinks so too – he carefully traced each connection and found them all to be sound, logical and well set up for fibre. Who knew?

For other issues – an ethernet port that’s stopped working, for instance – he said they were things that needed an electrician. So, with our few problems out of the way, I asked him about other jobs he’s dealt with recently.

Connecting devices, integrating software

A client of Rahul’s wanted to print from both her PC and her smartphone, but her printer would only respond to the PC. After some investigation, Rahul realised that it was the different software not integrating. After a few trials to find out just what wasn’t meshing, he managed to find a work-around that performed perfectly for all three devices.

“It took a bit longer than I expected,” says Rahul, “but we got there in the end. The client was very happy.”

Not lost, but found in translation

Recently a Chinese client wanted some cables installed, but unfortunately he couldn’t speak English – and Rahul can’t speak Mandarin! ‘Sign language’ attempts failed to find out what the client wanted done, but Rahul thought of a solution.

“I downloaded a translation app on my phone!” he says. “All I had to do was set it to translate English to the client’s language, and also the reverse. Then he could tell me what he needed, and I could complete the job.

“My manager was very pleased,” he grins.

Learn new skills, make new connections

A new device may be daunting, but that’s another way Rahul can help. If you have a new tablet, PC, smartphone or laptop, you don’t need to be stuck just playing solitaire or looking at Facebook. Book an instore or at-home Tech Solution session with Rahul or one of his colleagues, and learn all the amazing things your new toy can do. Once you know how it works, you can reach out and connect with the world.

“Devices can be expensive,” says Rahul, “but if you use them fully and learn how to make them do all they can do, they are worth every penny.”

Stop tearing out your hair – call a techie

We all know that technology keeps changing and improving, but techies like Rahul keep ahead of the game so you can have your issues sorted and your devices working well. Anytime you hit a glitch or buy a new device, don’t struggle in frustration when things don’t work the way you expected them to. Call a techie while you still have hair to pull, instore or at home, and break through the brick wall.

New device or old glitch? Give Noel Leeming Tech Solutions a bell on 0800 555 989