Digital literacy – why you might need to upskill

From banking to restaurant bookings – it’s all online

You’ve probably been able to read for more than a few decades now, but did you know there’s a new literacy in town? Digital literacy.

Digital literacy isn’t just about knowing how to use your PC – it’s also about being able to find, evaluate, organise, create, and communicate information online. As the world becomes more digital, you’ll find it increasingly difficult to get through your day without some degree of digital literacy. Banks are beginning to charge extra if you appear in the branch instead of doing your business online. Apply for a new passport offline and it’ll take you weeks rather than days, and some restaurants will only let you book tables online.

So while it seems like technology is the domain of the young, it’s actually important for people of all ages. Here’s why.

It makes life easier

There’s a reason why things are going digital – once you know your way around the internet you can complete tasks and get information faster than you’d ever thought possible.

You save money

Doing things online can also come with savings – snap up cheap travel deals or sale items, and avoid surcharges that can be applied to doing things in person. Digital news is often free too – no more shelling out for papers.

Keep up with friends and family

If your kids and grandkids seem to always be on devices these days, it makes sense that you should be there too. They’re using their phones and tablets to share news, photos and videos – things you want to get to! You’ll also find that lots of your community groups, hobbies or friend groups will have online meeting places, even if it’s just a Facebook page.

Stay safer online

If you’re online – even if it’s getting emails – you’re open to attack from scammers. As your digital literacy grows, you’ll get more astute, and better able to spot tricks and know what to do about them.

No more bad TV!

With digital streaming, you can watch what you want when you want to, instead of waiting for your favourite shows to come on! Even if you don’t want to pay for a streaming service like Netflix, you’ll find you can watch all your favourite shows from TVNZ and TV3 online.

The easiest way to get tech-literate

If you’re feeling like you’re hitting brick walls when it comes to technology, getting more tech-literate could make life so much easier – not to mention cheaper, safer and more enjoyable! The best way to upskill is to get an expert in. A learning session from Noel Leeming Tech Solutions could be a good place to start. A tech expert will meet you in-store or come to your house, and help you get up to speed with the things you need to do online. We’ve even tried it out too – you can read our account here.