Joke of the Day

The manager of a large department store was on his inspection round one morning, when he came downstairs to the sporting goods department, in the basement. There was a newly hired young man, Peter, serving a customer.

Not to disturb, Mr. Jones hid behind a pillar to learn how Peter was working out.

The first thing he heard was Peter suggesting a beautiful fibreglass fishing rod, following up with both flies, lures, sinks, and spinners. Then, Peter suggested a fold-out box to store all the paraphernalia in.

“In the mornings it might be cold, so a good big thermos for coffee would be very practical, and a fisherman’s lunch-kit for those ham and cheese sandwiches is almost a must,” Peter said to the customer.

“Now we also have nice warm hip-waders, and you really must have an oil-skin coat and headgear incase of rain or fog.”

“Oh, we mustn’t forget the canteen so you will always be warm while waiting for a bite. And here is an interesting book to keep you company in your solitude.”

“Fine,” said the customer, “wrap it all up and tell me how much”

“$875.99,” said Peter, as he rang it up on the cash register.

When the customer was helped out to his car with all the stuff, Mr. Jones, very impressed with Peter’s abilities, asked: “Did he come to buy a fishing-rod,”

“No”, said Peter, “he wanted to buy a packet of tampons for his wife, so I suggested he go fishing for a few days instead.”