Joke of the Day

A woman who suspected her husband of cheating concocted a clever plan to confirm whether her suspicions were true.

One day, the husband called his wife and let her know his boss had invited him on a fishing trip in Canada with some friends. The man told his wife he thought he should go, as it would be a great move for his career. When his wife agreed to let him go, he asked her to pack a bag for him, as he and his boss would be leaving for the trip directly from the office. He asked her to pack his new blue silk pyjamas, specifically.  The wife knew something was odd about the trip from her husband’s request, but she packed everything he asked for and had it ready for him to come pick up on his way to Canada.

The husband returned home after a week and his wife asked if he had a good time and if he caught any fish.

“You bet we did! We caught pike and walleye – tons of fish!” he told his wife. “We spent all day out on the lake and had fish every night for dinner. It was fantastic.”
The husband then mentioned his wife forgot one little thing.
“You forgot to pack my pyjamas, like I asked,” he said.
“No, I didn’t,” his wife replied. “I put them in your fishing box.”