Grandies – Where to Start with Gift Giving

Grandies – where to start with gift giving

The world is overflowing with stuff – and no one knows this better than your grandchildren. Whether they’re five years old and learning not to love plastic in their lunch boxes, or 15 years old and concerned about climate change, almost all of them want to save the world. So, as a grandparent, think carefully about what you choose as gifts for the next generation. Below, are our suggestions for thoughtful but fun gifts which don’t need to break the world, or the bank. If you’re still feeling short on inspiration (or just want to have fun), check out these gift generators: Gift Gen, SunLife (because stuff can still be a necessity, at times).

Make it meaningful

Have you any special little treasures a grandchild notices each time they visit? It might be a music box, an old analogue alarm clock, a transistor radio, a cup, saucer, and plate trio, a record player in the attic, or a book of poems. If it means so much to them, and you know you can live without it, and trust them to care for it, wrap it up in tissue paper, tie it with a gorgeous ribbon, and give it as a gift.

An heirloom treasure

Do you have an older grandchild – perhaps one who is moving into their own home or first flat? If so, you may like to gift them an heirloom item of furniture from your own home. It could be a polished wooden coffee table, a bentwood chair, wooden bedheads, or an armchair. If your finances run to it, consider having the item restored or recovered.

The ties that bind

Do you have a grandchild who is always asking about family members from the past? If so, creating a family tree for them can be a special gift. Kids enjoy something that can be put on the wall of their bedroom, so when constructing a family tree to give as a gift, check the net for poster-sized templates to purchase or print. Be sure to include photos of ancestors, too.

Keep it in the family

Kids love to bake – and what could be a more meaningful gift than a cook book of family favourites (including the recipes for treats your grandchild enjoys when they’re at your house). Purchase a blank recipe book and fill it with handwritten recipes (snap a photo of some of the goodies when making them, and stick the pic in the book, too).  Don’t forget a loving, signed and dated, inscription on the inside cover, explaining the meaning of the book.

Cooking up a storm

Your grandie is bound to have a favourite homemade cookie, cake or cracker treat they enjoy when visiting you. Gather together all the necessary ingredients for it, and pop them into a large, lidded jar, with the recipe, on card, tied around the rim. Make the gift extra special by including one or two baking utensils such as a whisk and spatula.

Holiday hand-up

If you know ahead of time your grandchild is heading to a particular holiday destination, gift them a voucher (or money) they can use to attend a special event or attraction taking place while they are there (checkout ‘Facebook events’ to see what will be on offer). Alternatively, a useful item to use on holiday will be appreciated (such as a camping spork and collapsible bowl if the family is going camping).

The gift of time

Nothing is appreciated more, by grandchildren (and their parents!) than the gift of time spent with you. Whether it’s a trip to the movies (their choice), a picnic-in-the-park (you’ll be shouting the pizza for the picnic!), or a lesson on the golf course, it’s something you can both look forward to, together.

Remember, gifting doesn’t have to be about stuff (and the best gifts aren’t!).