How to Celebrate a Special Occasion – Alone

How to Celebrate a Special Occasion – Alone

We don’t all get to celebrate special occasions with friends and family, and believe it or not, some of us don’t actually want to! But when you live alone, the choice isn’t always up to you. It may be you’ve recently moved home, or even overseas, and you’re far away from loved ones. For some, those who were closest to you have passed on; for others, disharmony or relationship breakups mean family and friends are beyond reach, even if temporarily. But celebrations, whether they’re birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Eid or Easter, shouldn’t be overlooked. If you are alone for a special day, here are some tips for making it a pleasurably memorable occasion:


Did you know it gives others pleasure to help you celebrate – even when they don’t know you! And it will lift your spirits, too. So, let the occasion be known! When the checkout operator asks if you’re having a nice day, respond with: “Absolutely – it’s my birthday (wedding anniversary etc etc)!” When your neighbour calls across the fence: “Lovely day!” reply with a smile and a “Yes, it is – it’s Eid, for me!” And enjoy their good wishes.

The personal touch

Personal touch is so good for us. It increases the chemicals in our body, lifting mood and decreasing stress. So start your special day with a self-hug – yes, really! Love yourself. Then head out to the hairdresser, manicurist, makeup artist or masseuse for some one-on-one personal touch.

Cook up a storm

Giving is the best feel-good therapy, and it’s win-win all the way. Celebrate your special occasion by baking a cake or batch of biscuits, and taking them to those who deserve to be loved and recognised. Whether it’s your local aged care home, food bank, medical centre, or SPCA branch, arrive with the goodies and let those who are there know, by accepting your gift, they’re helping you celebrate your special occasion. You will leave with a light heart, knowing you’re deeply appreciated.

Light the candle

A candle is a living thing – it moves and flickers and brings life to a room. As you celebrate your special occasion, you won’t feel alone when you light a candle. So, set aside part of your special day for choosing a candle you know you’ll love, and light it as you enjoy a delicious birthday treat at home.

Give thanks

Whether it’s friends or family who have passed on, or from whom we are, unwillingly, separated, surround yourself with their photos on your special occasion. Instead of feeling saddened by their absence, raise a toast to them as you recall your happiest memory in their company.

Don’t forget the flowers!

It’s not a celebration without flowers, so whether it’s a bunch from your garden, the corner dairy, or the florist, take out your best vase, and fill it with happiness!

Dress up

Ditch the drab, and dress up to the nines! Looking your best on your celebration day will raise your spirits, while honouring those (or the memory of those) you wish you could be with, but can’t. If you’re a makeup person, take 10 in front of the mirror. If you usually skip ironing your shirt – make celebration day, the day you don’t!

Don’t forget to sing

Music and singing is a real mood-booster, so don’t forget to sing a rousing celebratory song to yourself as soon as you wake up. And why not dance while you’re at it! It will set the tone for the rest of your special day.

Gifts are great

Yes, it is OK to give yourself a gift (it’s also OK for your companion animal to give you one, too!). Purchase the gift ahead of time, if you remember, have it gift wrapped, and pop it away for the big day! If you want a surprise, head to an online gift box supplier – there are loads to choose from!

Being alone on your special day is no reason not to enjoy the occasion. Treat yourself as you would treat a friend, and love every minute!