‘The Other Side of the World’ by Jenni Francis

Jenni Francis

Jenni Francis

A page-turning mystery of family secrets and the search for truth from New Zealand author Jenni Francis.

A young woman leaves England to travel to New Zealand when she discovers she is pregnant. Coral’s treasured son Tom grows up never knowing his father, and she is determined to keep it that way.

When Coral passes away, Tom and his family travel to Scotland to find what they can. There are questions only his father can answer.

But when tragedy strikes, Tom has to put his search aside, and focus on his family.

Will Tom find out the truth or will the past stay hidden forever?

About the author:

Jenni Francis was born in London, England and moved with her family to New Zealand when she was eight years old. Jenni has trained as a teacher, and a teacher of deaf children, as well as completing a degree in education.

Jenni Francis began writing seriously about twenty years ago and is constantly surprised where her stories take her. Skiing, beach holidays, school camps and school life are part of the background to her YA novels. Jenni has written six teen novels and has published a book of short stories. She lives on five acres with her husband in Matakana and draws much of her inspiration from the people and places around her. ‘There are stories everywhere’, she says. The Other Side of the World is her first novel aimed at adults.

A note from the author:

This novel was inspired by a series of co-incidences that took place over about ten years. While the novel is only loosely based on this, it was the catalyst to move away from YA novels. The background can be found at There’s no such thing as a co-incidence — Author Jenni Francis

The novel is a search for truth, and a love story. There is a mystery that recurs; and a road trip from Auckland to The Catlins where the novel resolves. There are two young children and a dog, and a protagonist, Tom, who needs rescuing.