Manage ‘Oh No!’ moments in style

One little worry taken care of

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that can trip you up and grow into bigger challenges. Like those little involuntary leaks of urine that are the telltale sign of light bladder leakage.

For about one in three women, and for many men too, the involuntary leakage of urine can become a regular occurrence they have to learn to live with.  For a host of reasons, this change in bladder efficiency can happen to anyone and it can have a big impact on happiness and living in senior years. Whether it results from childbirth, menopause, prostate issues, dementia or the strain of constipation, this change in bladder efficiency can happen to anyone and it can have a big impact on happiness and living in senior years

For starters, coping with a little incontinence may cause people to feel less confident about being active or less keen to be out and about. They may drop out of their walking group or think twice about that round of golf and even start losing connection with  friends as concerns about incontinence issues start to loom larger.

They most likely won’t be talking about it, but the very real chance of having an ‘oh no’ moment when they least expect it is stressful, not to mention inconvenient and tough on self esteem. It’s easy to see why anyone could get a little dispirited or maybe depressed if they can’t get on top of this very private issue.


The answer doesn’t have to be living with diapers and pads. A range of very clever re- useable undies designed in New Zealand by Confitex come with such high performing fabric features that they can catch those leaks all day long.  And they’ll stay in great shape for at least 100 runs through the wash and the dryer.


Confitex undies are a winning combination of textile technology and great design. Although they’re sleek and attractive, they have a hard working, three-layer system that assures there are no leaks or odours. The first layer wicks away moisture, the second layer absorbs liquid and the third layer is a thick woven fabric that keeps leaks away from clothing.

There’s a stylish range for men and for women with options for different requirements from light to moderate or heavier leakage. They all look just like regular underwear.

This underwear looks good, it feels good, and it will take you through the day with confidence. Now that’s one big little issue under control.

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