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Some Families Change

We are very pleased to be giving away two copies of Jessica Galatola’s book ‘Some Families Change’, to our GrownUps members.

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About Some Families Change

Some Families Change tenderly guides children through various models of changing families with gentle verse and inclusive imagery.

‘You may not have thought much about it, but did you know that some families change? Some get bigger, others smaller and some completely rearrange!’

Changes in the structure of a family can be joyful, turbulent, and especially confusing for little humans. Some Families Change is a gentle and reassuring way of showing children that all families go through changes – it’s completely natural, and they are not alone.

The book candidly explores concepts such as split families, single-parent households, families with two mums or dads, families that join together, and more, always maintaining sensitivity and sincerity. Children grappling with these changes often harbor difficult feelings. The book validates these emotions, emphasizing that it’s okay to feel upset or worried because adjusting to change takes time.

By sharing this book, children and parents can embark on a journey of understanding and emotional healing together, reminding themselves that their feelings are normal, and it’s healthy to express them. A timely and therapeutic resource, Some Families Change assists families in navigating their emotional journey together, amidst the inevitable changes that life brings.

About the Author

Jessica Galatola is a teacher and mother to two young boys and she loves sunshine and all things playful. Jess comes from a large family – Italian father from Sicily, mother from Cardiff, Wales. She has lived in Australia all her life and has been based in QLD since she was 5 years old. As a teacher, Jess has worked in the education sector for fifteen years, specialising in English and Drama secondary teaching. In 2020, when her own family unit changed dramatically, Jess wrote this book, Some Families Change, for her boys (at the time aged two and four) to help them understand the changes that their family was about to navigate. Jessica has a passion for helping young people to heal and build resilience and self-efficacy and believes that literature is a foundational and fundamental step in helping young people to understand the world and their place in it.

Jenni Barrand is a children’s art teacher who loves helping kids learn all the amazing ways to create art. Jenni grew up in south east London and went to Sylvia Young Theatre School and the BRITS college of Performing Arts. She was in educational UK TV series about stepfamilies when she was 12. Jenni loves walking and exploring in nature while listening to her favourite music and she loves making art in her little studio. She lives on the Northern Beaches of Sydney with a husband, two kids, one cat and two guinea pigs.



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