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Work & Business

New Jobs Over 50

Would you like a new job? Do you need a fresh start? Do you feel a little daunted about the prospect of joining the employment market over the age of 50?

Tips for LinkedIn

If you're on LinkedIn, or are thinking about going on there, the social network is a great way to reconnect with colleagues and friends, and find professional opportunities.

Janis Grummitt – Working Beyond 50

Many of us hope to continue working for many years after we reach 50. Although our brains have started to slow down and cut back, our minds have, paradoxically, developed the capacity for wisdom.

Just the Job

Recession, redunancy and dodgy finance companies have put many older New Zealanders back into the job market, and as Donna Fleming writes, it can be a pretty tricky place to be.

Older workers (what you said)

In April I talked about some of the issues facing the workplace as the population gets older. I also asked readers a few questions and I would like to thank all those 'GrownUps' who sent them back to me. This month I would like you to hear what people sai