Train Travel Offers Unique Vacation

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Trains offer a scenic view of the country and can be an inexpensive alternative to flying.  Airline tickets may be going down, but even the discount airfare does not compete with the beauty and majesty of the train.

Tips for Successful Train Travel

• Be early for your train – travelling by rail is not different than choosing a cheap flight when it comes to being on time.  It will be easier to get on board but you still want to be sure that you are not running to catch your train.

Limit the amount of luggage – although some trains do offer baggage check it is easier to only bring along what you can comfortably carry.  Most trains limit the number of carry on baggage to only to pieces per person (purses, diaper bags, strollers and other similar items are not included in the count).

Do your research – find out what attractions or views you will be passing during your rail adventure.  Choose a seat that will provide the best view for the trip.

Start short – go on a scenic ride or other short trip to get accustomed to train travel.  It is better to find out before jumping into to a cross country trip.

Make the train ride the vacation – Choose a pass that will allow you to get off and visit some of the stops for a day or two before re-boarding to the next destination. You will get to see more of the country for less expense.

Train travel can be a unique alternative to cheap flights and discount airline tickets.  Travelling by rail can give you the option of stopping at different locations along the way.  It also provides a better view of the country where you are travelling.

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